rianna_vinesIn my pursuit of happiness, I have found that there are a few things that get me closest to bliss: being outside, traveling, good writing, good music, good people, healthy food, and sharing the small fraction of the astonishing beauty of this planet that I can capture in my camera.

Riegelman Design is my way of creating a lifestyle around the things that mean the most to me and the professional skills I have developed during my more than 19 years of hands-on practical experience in the publishing industry. Since 2008 I have been offering freelance services and expertise in four main areas that frequently overlap:

Graphic Design, Writing, Editing & Photography

The goal of my work is to provide a “one-stop shop” for top quality editorial and design services for those who want to see their good ideas look great in print or on screen.

My clients are writers, editors, art directors, designers, photographers, and business owners. Each has different needs and I enjoy the flexibility to take on many different roles to help my clients realize their creative visions and practical goals.

I can take your word document and give you back a finished book that is ready to be printed or converted into an ebook. I can take your sketches and turn them into your company’s distinct new logo and branding materials. I can write a compelling article for your website or newsletter as well as design its layout. I can edit your written content for everything from simple typographical errors to flow, consistency, voice and structure. I can provide, source, retouch, clean up and manipulate photography and artwork to accommodate the image demands of your project. I can manage all of these details for you, or you can hand off any individual task for me to work on under your direction.

I love the things I learn from each of my clients and contributing my skills to interesting and exciting projects. Contact me to discuss your next idea!

Rianna Riegelman